The following list is the restrictions known to GunMag Guys. We will not ship any magazine that holds more than the restricted number of rounds to these states. We reserve the right to not ship an order because of a restriction that is not listed here. Any order placed containing restricted products will be refunded.

California: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Colorado: No magazines over 15 Rounds.

Connecticut: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

District of Columbia: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Hawaii: No magazines over 10 Rounds, rifle or handgun.

Illinois: No Magazines to Cook County over 10 Rounds.

Maryland: No magazines over 10 Rounds

Massachusetts: No Magazines over 10 Rounds.

New Jersey: No Magazines over 10 Rounds.

New York State: No magazines over 10 Rounds.

Vermont: No rifle magazines over 10 rounds. No pistol magazines over 15 rounds.